Case Studies

Langdon’s is the only Bristol based removals company with its own furniture hoist, in other words the only company capable of moving something that won’t fit through a standard door.

A recent client had a third floor Bristol waterfront apartment, and a very fine sofa that had originally been assembled in the sitting room. Our client had now sold this apartment and was moving out of the city. They wanted to take their sofa with them, and they didn’t want to take it to pieces to do so.

Langdon’s were able to set up their furniture hoist to the front of the building and to remove most of the contents to street level via the balcony window, causing little disturbance to the neighbours and getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

The move was to a Clifton basement flat…and the client was very happy that their sofa could be saved.

It’s not often that a business case study involves the business itself as the client, but in the case of Langdon’s recent office move, this is what happened…

Langdon’s business had expanded and grown to the point where a move to larger premises became inevitable. The question was when to do so. And that introduced a conundrum: If a move had become inevitable because the company was so busy, then how do you find time to make a move when everyone is working flat out, after all, as a removals company Langdon’s really had to undertake their own move!

The answer came in working additional weekends, evenings and in hiring in an additional removals vehicle in the form of an articulated truck. In a short space of time Langdon’s moved over 200 clients’ storage containers, plus three articulated truck loads of office equipment, packing materials, furniture and everything else in their building…within the time frame allowed, without incurring extra costs AND without breaking a thing.

A very successful move.

Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman