In-between houses?

Downsizing, but much too good to give away?

Inherited furniture you don’t know where to put?

There could be dozens of reasons why you might want to put things into storage, and whatever the reason, we’re the right people to store with. We offer:

  • Weekly rates
  • Clean, ventilated, accessible storage
  • Standard 7ft x 7ft x 5ft wooden containers that hold 250 ft3 (7M3)
  • Choice of packing at your premises or our warehouse
  • Choice of packing yourself or by our expert team
  • Security sealed by you if requested
  • Turn up and take, with just a few hours notice.

We’ll also store larger items such as furniture and carpets, blanket wrapped and securely placed in racking.

What Next?

You’ll probably want a quote, so why not ring us now on 0117 963 7401, or use the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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